Easy Risk Assessments
The CRAMS system allows for the easy creation of Health and Safety Task and COSHH Risk Assessment. These assessments are easy to apply to your premises, your people, and in your environment.
Accident & Incident Reporting
The CRAMS system has an accident & incident reporting giving you the functionality to assign to others to investigate. These accidents/incidents can be associated to a risk assessment where appropriate.
Competency Training
The CRAMS system allows 22 Health & Safety Competency Training Courses for no additional costs accredited by ROSPA & CPD. With an additional 15 courses to aid any business.
Multiple Languages
The whole of the CRAMS system translates into 56 languages giving you peace of mind that all of your workers understand the Risk Assessments and company Policies.
Efficient Dashboard
The CRAMS system has a dashboard giving you important management information in relation to Hazards, Accidents & Incidents. This gives you an insight into trends allowing you to be proactive.
Hazard Reporting
The CRAMS system has a hazard reporting function that allows for your staff to report open hazards and monitors the time to resolve the issue.
Content Acknowledgements
The CRAMS system requires your staff to acknowledge the Risk Assessments and company policies, giving you a record of their understanding.
Method Statements
Videos can be embedded within them giving you the additional comfort that the task output is consistent throughout your organisation. These can then be risk assessed on site, ensuring they are specific to your needs.
Training Records
The CRAMS system hosts a central repository for all your staff\'s training records, whether that be the training provided as part of the system or external. The system reminds you of refresher requirements set at your review periods.
News System
The CRAMS system has functionality to disperse news about your organisation to all your staff, or by an occupational basis.
Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Library
The CRAMS system hosts a library of Safety Data Sheets for your COSHH Risk Assessments. These are kept up to date at all times, notifying you of any changes so that your risk assessments can be reviewed.
Policies Library
Our system hosts your company policies and mandates, notifying your staff and managing your staff acknowledgements. Furthermore, you\'re advised when these are due for review and prompts the author.
Interactive Guides
CRAMS has interactive guides that allow for the system to take your thought process on a page by page basis.
Our system allows for email notifications to be set up per user role, e.g. the Director may want to know about a RIDDOR accident occurrence but not a Risk Assessment review, which in itself can be tailored.
System Audit Log
The CRAMS system has an Audit Log that tracks every interaction with the system for ease of further review and remote monitoring.
Secure Log-In
CRAMS has a secure log-in with your individual user name and password. You can also log-in via your social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter.