The ‘Manual Handling Assessment Charts Tool’ that has been developed was created to aid in categorising, assessing, and understanding high-risk activities that involves manual handling activities in the workplace.

This tool, provided by us, to you for FREE, will streamline the assessment process by using various known risk factors involved with an activity. A metric and colour scoring can be interpreted from the chart, allowing you to easily see the risk involved with a particular task; no confusion necessary.

Remember, this tool is not a substitute for a complete and valid risk assessment. It should be used as an aid in fulfilling this task.


Our free tool will carefully guide you through the process, ensuring that all the relevant information is completed before saving or printing the assessment for your reference. However, if you’re a new or existing CRAMS customer you’ll experience the MAC tool in a completely different way.

The MAC tool becomes part of your Manual Handling Risk Assessment, so it links in to give all staff visibility of the MAC results without any extra admin. The safest measures are accounted for through following our procedural tool, providing you guidance on the safest practices to follow, minimising the risk that injury will occur in your workplace with manual handling tasks and logging acknowledgements to protect your compliance. Let CRAMS make your workplace a safe place.

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CRAMS is an online tool to help you manage your Health and Safety at work obligations. It is simple to use, yet provides all the functionality you need in order to keep your workers safe and to manage the control of all the H&S risks within your organisation.
Included in the low monthly subscription is unlimited access for all subscribers, to 25 Health and Safety and many other useful courses.
CRAMS is like a partner which builds your task risk assessments and method statements with you, guiding you where you need a little help, letting you get on with it quickly and easily when you don’t. We maintain a library of Safety Data Sheets, importing relevant data into your documents but allowing access to the originals when necessary.


CRAMS is a Real Time Health and Safety Risk Assessment Management Tool with Integrated Competency Training. It is a cloud based solution that has been designed to help businesses manage the complex problem of complying with the regulatory demands of The Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations 1999.

CRAMS is designed to support organisations and their employees in completing site, people, and task specific documentation in a responsive real-time environment. A clear focus on the individual needs of customers drives the design. CRAMS is accessed via cloud based tools to help customers easily manage their exposure to risk in a bespoke way.


To revolutionise disjoined and ardous management of Health and Safety at work for clients in Facilities Management, Healthcare, and Hospitality.

We manage exposure to risk on a task, site and people specific basis.

Offering an integrated solution which can support the management of personalised risk assessments, method statements, and Health and Safety competency.

Competency Training
The CRAMS system allows 22 Health & Safety Competency Training Courses for no additional costs accredited by ROSPA & CPD. Alongside an additional 15 courses that will be useful to any organisation.
Easy Risk Assessments
The CRAMS system allows for the easy creation of Health and Safety Task and COSHH Risk Assessment. These assessments are easy to apply to your premises, your people, and in your environment. Once these assessments have been created, the system advises you when competency training is required and or the review period is due. The system also allows for New & Expectant Mother Risk Assessments.
Multiple Languages
The whole of the CRAMS system translates into 56 languages giving you piece of mind that all of your workers understand the Risk Assessments and company Policies.