Can anyone take their pets to work?


Could your team benefit?

As you might have gathered from our previous posts, its rare that we don’t have a dog in the office here at Genilogic.  The CRAMS team have several pooches that are around.

Pictured below are Archie and Choppa, two of those very dogs.

Archie and Choppa

Now whilst we know that not all or even many, work places are suited to having pets, there are some very positive documented advantages to having pets in the work place.

Having pets in your workplace is proven to reduce stress and help employees relax, it also improves staff attrition and well-being.  It is not just the employees that benefit though, it is a fact that customers who visit your pet friendly office will remember you much better than without and if they’re a fellow pet lover, you have instantly struck a chord with them, growing your relationship and making you more relatable and trustable.  It is even said your business is said to look more progressive and forward thinking.

Pets who are present at interviews work as a great tool to make people want to work with you.

Now if you’re allowed to bring your own pet in, the advantages are even greater, those working with their pets work longer hours and save money on dog walkers or day care, meaning they are more dedicated to their job, lets face it, would you give up a job that gives Rover a role for one that doesn’t?


There are disadvantages too!

However, there are some disadvantages to be thought about before you tell your team to bring in all dogs great and small.

Pets can be a distraction – especially if you have an animal that needs and seeks attention, or even if you don’t, but you have members of the team who become more interested in the animals than their work.

They can also sometimes cause allergic reactions for some employees and seenas we are H&S focussed its worth mentioning that you need to be insured to ensure you are covered if a pet bites someone or someone trips over a pet.

If you have considered all the above and you still think it is time to bring your pets into the workplace its time to put in a plan.

Find out who in the office has pets and how strongly they feel about having or not having pets around during their working day.  If no one objects it’s time to trial – if you’re in a shared or rented building be sure to check with your neighbours or landlord first.

Have a trial week and decide who can bring their pet and when, arrange play dates for pets that have not met before to ensure they get on rather than throwing them in the office and hoping for the best.

Also, ensure you have time in your working day for toilet breaks and walk commitments – this may mean being at work for longer hours to make up time spent looking after your pet.

If all of the above goes well then you become one of the lucky ones, just like us!



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