Position: Senior DevOps Engineer

Achieving a PhD in Computational Genomics, Steve Moss is a passionate systems engineer with eclectic interests across the computer and information sciences. He is deeply interested in utilising computational infrastructure and techniques to solve problems, with a focus on data intensive disciplines.

Steve has comprehensive experience in automation, cloud computing, devops, software development, and systems administration. He primarily utilises Python, Ruby, and Go for development, although he has experience in many other languages. Having worked extensively with Cloud, HPC, virtualisation environments, utilising automation, and configuration management utilities such as Ansible, and Chef, as well as solutions such as Docker, Terraform, and Vagrant.

Steve has a broad range of skills with numerous technology stacks but is most comfortable at the Linux command line and feels particularly at home when utilising his computational skills in a data intensive environment, whilst collaborating within a multidisciplinary team.

It is Steve’s goal to utilise and develop computational skills throughout his career to elucidate as many answers to pertinent discipline specific problems as possible.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with friends and family. Steve also likes to keep fit; practicing martial arts, as well as boxing. He also enjoy walking, bike riding, visiting the gym, and swimming. Whilst also holding a passion for reading, and learning.

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