SAFETY ALERT - Welding Fume

Welding Sparks

The HSE has issued an urgent safety alert following new scientific evidence that exposure to welding fume (including mild steel welding)  causes lung cancer.

Enforcement Expectations Change

Effective engineering controls must be in place for exposure to any welding fume released.

Suitable controls must be provided for all welding activities – including outdoors!

Where engineering controls are inadequate against exposure to fume, RPE must be provided.

Engineering controls need to be properly maintained and should be subject to testing and examination to ensure adequacy

Use correct RPE and ensure you have an effective RPE programme in place. (What is an RPE Programme – opens in new tab)

Cancer Risk

Not only has evidence proven the link between welding fume and lung cancer, it has also suggested a link with kidney cancer which significantly alters the risk involved for employees exposed.

No known safe level

The HSE have said they will no longer accept any type of welding taking place without suitable controls in place as there is no known safe level of exposure meaning all employers who have staff in welding related activities must re assess their processes and procedures as soon as possible.

Click Here to read the Safety Bulletin on HSE

Source: HSE – Safety Bulletin

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