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The average cost of compliance is £26.33 per employee. CRAMS can help reduce that to just £3.66

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CRAMS has functionality to deal with issues that arise in many industry sectors, but its versatility makes it an invaluable tool for any organisation that takes compliance and the wellbeing of their workforce seriously.

Facilities Management

CRAMS can help facilities managers deal with a range of challenges, including fire risk, asbestos control, dangerous substances and Legionnaires' disease.

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Businesses in the catering and hospitality sectors are using CRAMS to ensure not only the safety of their staff but also of their guests.

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The collaborative compliance features of CRAMS Network helps our clients in the construction industry mitigate risk to contracted and sub-contracted staff.

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Managing hazards in a healthcare context presents unique and complex challenges that CRAMS is designed to help you tackle effectively.

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What our customers say

We love to hear feedback from the people who use CRAMS. Our testimonials, Google reviews and Capterra ratings reflect the quality of our product and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Abhijit David Abhijit David Parklane Group (Roomzzz)

    CRAMS has helped us ... as it is a live, dynamic and interactive system with great training features that engages our people at all levels. It's a detailed risk assessment tool that is also very simple in application. The notification process helps us ensure managers are constantly updated and can act proactively.

  • Sophie Price Sophie Price Unity Facilities Management

    Managing H&S on CRAMS is a breeze! In the past, utilising a manual H&S system over multi sites was most challenging and very time consuming for us. By setting up and automating our H&S processes in CRAMS, there is now very little need for human intervention and error which has save us loads of time and effort.

  • Edward Wick Edward Wick MGI Facilities Management

    CRAMS thank you! Your software is fantastic! It is easy to use and navigate and compiling just one document for risk assessment with a method statement, reduces the number of documents we have to manage which is brilliant. [It] has given us confidence that our staff are able to do the job that we require them to undertake safely.

  • Kelsey Moss Kelsey Moss Spectrum Cleaning Solutions

    CRAMS is extremely user friendly, allowing all team members to navigate through the system with ease... Our overall experience of CRAMS has been fantastic. [It] ticks all the boxes for our needs, whilst saving us time and money. The staff are friendly and helpful, if we ever have any queries these are dealt with promptly.

  • Annie McFadden Annie McFadden The Cleaning Collective

    CRAMS is an excellent system... Having everything in one place and managed for us gives us the confidence that we are operating compliantly without needing to spend hours auditing everything every few months. We would recommend CRAMS to anyone.

Want to see what our health and safety management software looks like? Check out our short introductory video where you can watch each function in action.

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